​​Heal Your Broken Heart

Are you suffering from grief and loss or broken heart?   Mindspa specializes in helping you heal your wounded heart by tapping into the part of your mind that processes feelings and events in your life.

Weight Management

Mindspa utilizes modernHave you been in the Twilight Zone of Weight Loss?  Have you tried every diet out there to find yourself eventually right back where you started from or even worse, you gain even more weight?  

Could it be that there is more to it  than just eliminating certain foods that you love?  Could it be the answer lies deep within your subconscious?
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Learn the positive intent behind stress so that you can transform it into something more useful and positive to help you achieve the goal of peace and harmony in your life. This is done by addressing hidden subconscious fears.


The information here is general in nature and not to be taken as professional advice for specific health problems.  Any decision you make involving the treatment of an illness should include the advice of the medical doctor of your choice.  Before making any change with your diet and exercise, be sure to consult with your physician.  Do not change medications  without medical advice.   As a  Certified Medical Hypnotherapist in the state of Florida, my clients should have a  Global Assessment of Functioning(GAF) score greater than 60. Disorders listed in the DSM  and all medical conditions require a written referral from a licensed medical professional for me to be able to work with you. Hypnotherapy employs and teaches skills of self improvement; therefore the effectiveness depends on the motivation and willingness of the client to bring forth positive change. 

Habit Control Zone

Manage Stress Zone

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​​Mindspa Utilizes Traditional & Modern Modalities 

Hypnosis is the absolute best for:​​​
Over coming Grief & Loss, Heal Anger, Allow Forgiveness
Preparing for Change , Manage Situational Stress, Procrastination / Organization / Time Management,

Improve Self-Confidence​

Determine and Set Goals, Career Planning Increase Motivation,  Sales Success, Public Speaking
Improve Concentration, Memory 
Exam Confidence  

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Pain Free Zone

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PSIO Glasses

Mindspa is very excited about introducing  PSIO glasses along with traditional hypnosis.  The PSIO glasses have the potential to take you very deep into "trance"  where effective re-programming of the mind takes place.

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Break free of unwanted habits by addressing the positive intent behind the behavior.  For example, the cigarette smoker might feel the need to smoke in order to relieve stress.  Hypnosis has been proven to have a better success rate compared to willpower alone.

Healed Heart Zone

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to achieve your goals and live a life worth living!

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The National Institute of Health and several studies at Duke, Harvard and Columbia have shown that Hypnotherapy works in controlling pain.  Hypno-analgesia is likely to decrease acute and chronic pain in most individuals, and helps to save money and surgical procedures.  .


Women's Health Reports:

38% recovery rate after

600 sessions of Psychoanalysis
72% recovery rate after

22 sessions of Behavior Therapy
93%  Recovery rate

6 sessions of  Hypnotherapy

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The Thin Zone

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